New Year’s Resolutions

I will admit that I’m a sucker for making New Year’s resolutions. I often leave them stranded over time, but sometimes I don’t. Sometimes they inspire me to make real change, but they always remind me to prioritize and re-evaluate. This is something we should do year-round.

So this year, my resolutions:

Self: Remember to care for myself, so that I can care for others. This is especially an important resolution for mothers and midwives. For me, it means having one day off a week (which is surprisingly difficult), moving my body, accepting the vitamin D that the sun has to offer, nourishing myself, going to bed early, and remembering to stay hydrated…it is the simple things that can be so hard to accomplish!

Family: Remember to find the joy. Play games. Be present–not just there, but pay attention. Volunteer for Rhys’s class while he still wants me to. And let go–these boys are finding their own way. I need to let them do that.

Midwifery: Continue to improve my skill and knowledge, keep learning (and find a program to do that from), listen more, remember.

I want to read and write more. I want to eat out less. I want to waste less time on the computer, but I want to do more to establish my practice. I will trust more and worry less.

What do you resolve to do in 2013?

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