10 Things About Gina

  1. I am married to my high school sweetheart, and I asked him out first. I saw him sitting in the commons on the first day of school–a new kid in a small school is a hot commodity! I walked right up and asked him to homecoming and the rest is history!
  2. My favorite color is green–lately I’ve been extra fond of aqua/turquoise/etc.
  3. I used to swim and play tennis in high school. I was a terrible swimmer (I float) and a mediocre tennis player, but these are still my favorite sports.
  4. From the age of 13, I thought I would be a lawyer. I love law, I love the Constitution, I have a heart for social justice, and anyone who knows me knows I love to argue. I had a detour into the sciences from the age of 18-20 (I love science, too), but then remembered my love for law and got my undergraduate degree in Political Science. I worked for a congresswoman and then got a job as a policy analyst with the federal government, thinking I would get my JD. Right before starting grad school, I had second thoughts and decided we should have a baby before grad school (you know, because grad school would be so much easier AFTER kids…) and…yep, was soon head over heels in love with birth and breastfeeding.
  5. I love all things spicy and hate all things bland. Mexican, Indian, and Thai foods are my favorite. The clinic workers in Bali used to think it was funny to try to get me to eat spicy foods, thinking I would hate it, but I always got the last laugh.
  6. Nine out of first ten births I ever attended were boys–not including my own three. This has, over time, balanced itself out of course.
  7. I’ve only been out of the country three times: once we had lunch across the border while vacationing in South Padre Island, my stint in Bali, and a beach vacation in Cancun. I am planning a trip to the British Isles next year with a couple girlfriends–need to put that passport to better use!
  8. I was a La Leche League Leader for 10 years–I credit LLL for much of my personal and professional development. If I hadn’t become involved in LLL, I probably would not be a midwife today.
  9. I am super competitive. I think cooperative games are boring. I want to either win (preferably) or lose–fair and square.
  10. I played the flute from middle school through my sophomore year of college. I was decent–probably not super talented–but often wonder what the musician’s lifestyle would have been like. As with all of the what-ifs…what if I had been a lawyer, or musician, or scientist…I am pretty sure that they all somehow had a hand in leading me right where I am: catching babies and teaching midwives.