The Birth of Jasper Prince


Here is the birth story of a very special, very wanted little boy. His mother was so joyful her whole pregnancy–even after a transfer and basically TWO inductions for postdates pregnancy. He must have been awfully comfy in the home his mama made for him. 

Our birth story started with the gracious embryo donor couple #319. Michael and I struggled to get pregnant for almost 7 years when we found embryo donation, which lead to our son, Jasper! The process of embryo donation is rather uncommon, unknown to us prior to October 2015. When I learned that couples who used IVF to get pregnant could donate remaining embryos once their families were complete, I knew we would finally start our family with one of these donations. I fell in the love with the idea that these embryos were not going to be wasted and could help people who also desperately wanted to have a family. Due to premature menopause, I was unable to have a child genetically related to me, but my husband checked out fine. I was not sold on the idea of an egg donor due to the cost and lack of guaranteed success. After researching the embryo donation process, I decided to contact Dr. Sweet at Embryo Donation International located in Fort Myers, Florida. We flew out in December 2015 for our interview and my exam.  After the exam, we were scheduled to be implanted in April of 2016 once I had a minor fibroid removed in February 2016. I had always remained optimistic about having a child, I never really let it get me down while struggling to get pregnant.  When we made the decision to chose a donor couple and have embryos implanted, I knew it would work our first time trying. I turned out to be right; we had four embryos implanted and I knew right away we were pregnant. My pregnancy was perfect; I felt great the entire time, even when we were two weeks overdue and Gina could no longer assist us in having our desired home birth. Gina told us we needed to check in to St. Joseph’s to get induced. Although I was super sad about it, we received the most exceptional care by amazing nurses (Sharon and Laura) who were with us the entire 4 days of our laboring process.

This process included two inductions that ended up at a 90% effacement and 9 cm dilation, but our baby wouldn’t drop through my pelvis. I resisted medication for as long as I could, but when all other options were exhausted, I had an epidural on day four and eventually had to have a c-section. All in all, I am super proud of my decisions and how my labor went, despite it being the exact opposite of our birth plan. The entire hospital staff at St. Joseph’s was so supportive of our wishes and the amount of respect we were shown was phenomenal. Gina was constantly in contact from the beginning of our hospital stay to help us in our decision making. On the final day she came to help me birth our son. Her continued support and love meant the world to us and I am so glad she was at St. Joe’s to welcome our son into this world!