The Birth of Lenora Wesley

Why I Chose Home Birth 

A few questions might come to your mind after reading the title…

“What’s a home birth?” 

“Did you have drugs?” 

“What happens if something went wrong?” 

“Are you crazy?” 

To answer the last one first, yes. But there was a lot more to my decision than craziness. 

After finding out I was pregnant, I realized that our insurance was crap. Just the ultrasound appointments were already so expensive, and I didn’t even know where to begin on paying for an actual birth, plus three days post hospital stay. 

I wasn’t even sure how to process my pregnancy, as we had just decided to move to California a few weeks prior. 

We ended up continuing with the move, and the more I researched where and how to have a baby, the more peace I felt with the idea of having a birth at home. 

California isn’t very accommodating to midwives or home births, and the OBGYN care I received was less than glorious. I had four paps and two vaginal ultrasounds, and I was REAL tired of so many people seeing my lady parts. 

Thankfully, we were able to move back to Colorado, and I met with Gina during the process. Our meeting was brief, because I really didn’t know what the heck I was doing. I met with a few other midwives, but randomly received a call from Gina after she coincidently met with a mutual friend who explained my circumstances in more detail. She encouraged me in my desire to birth at home, and we worked out all of the details that I was afraid of. 

I was due March 22nd, 2016, but the day came and went. 

In the early hours of March 29th (around 3am), I had the incredible urge to pee. I booked it to the bathroom and the Niagara falls of my insides came shooting out. I knew my water broke, and yelled at my husband to call Gina. 

Gina had Corey give me the phone so that she could hear in my tone of voice how I was. I was oddly calm, and she told me to call again when my contractions were the 4-1-1 that she talks about. 

Not even an hour later, my contractions were wildly painful and seemed extremely close together. We began timing, and I was at the 4-1-1. Corey called her back, and she was on her way. 

Gina arrived, measured the baby gate, and I was already at 9cm. She called Kathryn (her wonderful, hilarious, amazing assistant) and told her to book it over because I could possibly have a baby coming out sooner than later. 

My contractions subsided for a short while, and I was able to take a “nap” before they came back with hell fire and brimstone. Gina and Kathryn came back in, and I was told it was go time. 

If you ever have had a baby, you know the screaming barely helps anything except your sanity. You say “I don’t want to do this anymore” about 100 times, whoever’s hand is holding yours could possibly be broken, and you sweat like a MoFo because you’re doing the hardest thing possible. 

At 8:19am, I had our daughter, Lenora. I also didn’t poop myself, and Gina saved my taint! After a shot, I labored out the placenta and it was finally over. Kathryn took me to the shower so I could wash off whatever aftermath was all over my body, and when I came back, my bed was already cleared with new sheets and everything was gone. They had food on my night stand, and placed my baby back in my arms. 

All that to say, I will ALWAYS have a home birth. It was the best experience of my life, and I was able to do it in my own space on my own time. I have a beautiful, healthy little girl that I get to tell about how she came into this world and that she started this life right at home.