Parenting ProTip #2: Just Add Water

I got this phrase from my dear friend Monique, and have used it in a variety of iterations with my littles.

Basically, kids love water. If you have cranky kids, just add water. This might be a bath, sprinkler play, splashing in a soapy sink, water table, or even blowing bubbles.

But I leveled up this ProTip when my kids were about 1, 4, and 7. My husband was working two jobs at the time, so I had to do the dreaded bedtime alone. Every night. We had a YMCA membership, so what I would do was take them all swimming at about 6-7pm. Swimming has a magical ability to wipe kids out. So, they would swim, I would play with the baby in the pool, we’d get out about 8 and I’d give them a snack, then we’d all go into the family changing room where I would shower them assembly-line style and put their PJs on. We’d get in the car to go home and they’d be AUA (asleep upon arrival).

This, my friends, was how I stayed sane during this trying time. And in the meantime I grew a lifeguard and competitive swimmer out of our affinity for water.