Parenting ProTip #4: Nursing Baskets

With Easter right around the corner, I have baskets on the mind. Nursing baskets are lifesavers–they are a way of keeping essentials handy while you’re figuring out the first couple of weeks of nursing your new baby. Your mean midwife (cough, cough) might have very strict rules about staying upstairs or in bed for the first few days and at home for the first week or longer. In my experience, many mothers are hesitant to inconvenience their support people to bring things to them too often. (Side note: you just pushed out a baby; it’s okay if someone brings you water and snacks. Trust me. They are glad the shoe isn’t on the other foot.)

There are a million blog posts about nursing baskets out there in the interwebs, but I wanted to share some of what I consider to be essential components of a well-stocked nursing basket. As well, there are THREE separate baskets that you might consider having nearby.

Nursing Basket: These are the items that will keep you sane when you’re stuck nursing your baby in one place indefinitely. Many blogs suggest having breastfeeding books handy. Okay fine, you might want to have *a* breastfeeding resource, but more importantly keep a page-turner handy. Preferably mass market paperback size so you can hold it with one hand. You might also want a crossword or sudoku book to keep your mind working. Your phone. Obv. The remote control is essential. Lots of snacks–like substantial snacks–you’ll never be hungrier. Breast pads. Lots of water. (I’m on an anti-single use water bottle kick, so consider a reusable stainless water bottle or use the awesome mug your midwife gave you.) Also, keep your postpartum instructions handy in case you need to remind yourself what’s normal or not.

Big Brother (or Sister) Basket: If this isn’t your first baby, you might also want to keep a sibling basket nearby. This should include “special” toys and activities that you only pull out when baby is nursing. Depending on the age of your other kiddo (s), you might want to include coloring, play-dough, or wiki sticks–activities that they could sit nearby to do. Put a couple of books you don’t mind reading over and over (and over) again in their. This is usually a good place to put toys that encourage sitting nearby (yes, I can hear your laughter, but really…). When you’re not sitting with the nursing baby, you put this basket away so it becomes a treat. It also helps reduce feelings of resentment that mom is nursing AGAIN.

Diaper Basket: Finally, consider a diaper essentials basket handy. This is just a few diapers, wipes, cream, and a changing mat. This will just spare you from having to get up and down frequently for those prolific early diaper changes!

Comment with your favorite must-haves for your nursing baskets!


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