Global Health Media

Hello! I have been busy transitioning into summer and a new semester at Midwives College of Utah. During the semester break, I was privileged to be able to teach at the Spring Skills Conference, where I provided clinical instruction in the normal postpartum, postpartum complications, newborn complications, and breastfeeding/chestfeeding. It was a great experience, and meeting students from the school in person (most instruction happens online) was priceless.

As I was researching instructional videos, I really delved into the Global Health Media videos–they are very useful and well-produced. They are intended for instruction in low-resource settings, but are applicable to everyone with an interest in midwifery. I thought it would be worth sharing this wonderful resource here in case anyone has midwifery work abroad planned in the future or just wants to learn more about midwifery in a global context.

Here’s to a fun- and learning-filled summer!