Birth Tub Rentals (for My Clients)

Exciting News!

Once upon a time I had purchased a single AquaDoula from another midwife, and found care and maintenance of birth tubs to be an onerous task. (I suspect it just turns out the AquaDoula is onerous.) So, I stopped offering them as part of my services. Most clients have purchased their own tubs–first the fishy pools and then later the Oasis single-user tubs.

But recently I had the opportunity to purchase 6 barely-used LaBassine Pros from a midwife who is moving on from home birth, and I couldn’t pass up that chance. I will be renting these out to my clients for $125 for the time being. (I am constantly evaluating my routines, so I’ll see how this is working at the end of the year and adjust accordingly.) This is generally what people who purchase their own tub and accessories spend, so it’s about a wash money-wise.

Should you purchase your own tub or rent a LaBassine? Here are some pros and cons:

  • If you plan to use it more than once, it may be worth purchasing your own tub.
  • If you are taller or bigger, you may prefer the LaBassine as it is a little deeper.
  • If you have limited space for storage between births, you may prefer to rent.
  • If you want to wait to decide until the last minute, you can always rent (as long as I have one in stock and you let me know before I leave for your labor).

Water birth (and water immersion in labor) is something that many of my clients want to take advantage of. This just gives you one more option!