Services and Fees

Complete Midwifery Care

Full fee: $3800
Due in full by 34 weeks
Payment plans may be arranged, but a minimum of a $500 retainer must be made at the first prenatal visit (not the free consultation), and a $200 payment to cover each subsequent office visit must be made at the time of service. (Most people come to care in time to make 6 monthly payments of about $633 and opt for this plan.)

Included services:

  • Midwifery fee includes prenatal care (monthly visits until 28 weeks, biweekly visits from 28-36 weeks, weekly visits until delivery), intrapartum care (attendance from the establishment of active labor until at least 2 hours postpartum), postpartum care (2 postpartum home visits and 2 postpartum office visits
  • Three-week childbirth education series (when available)
  • Additional lactation consultation as needed, up until 6 weeks postpartum
  • Newborn metabolic and CCHD screening fees
  • Insurance billing, if applicable (see section on insurance billing for more details)

Other expenses:

  • Lab work
  • Birth kit from a midwifery supply company
  • Supplies to gather before the home visit (you may already own many of these items)
  • Birth tub and related equipment, if desired
  • RhoGAM (for Rh negative mothers)
  • Additional travel fee for families greater than 60 miles from my home: $200
  • Physician, hospital, and ultrasound visits are not included in my fee (these are not routinely required). You must make payment arrangements with those providers separately.

Note About Insurance Billing

In some cases, a portion of the fee may be reimbursable by a private insurance company. Whether you can expect any reimbursement after the birth depends more upon your particular plan than the company itself (in other words, you can’t say with any certainty that Company X will cover your birth but company Y will not–it all depends on your specific plan). The best way to determine this is by doing a Verification of Benefits through my biller for a fee of $20. When your Verification of Benefits indicates that you can expect some reimbursement, we can submit a claim through my biller. Insurance claims can only submitted after the birth, but the fee is due by 34 weeks. Therefore, my fee must be paid in full before you would get any reimbursement from your insurance company.

My services are usually out-of-network, though occasionally you may request an in-network exception that is approved. In either case, your deductible would need to be lower than $3000 and your co-insurance would need to be favorable in order to justify submitting a claim. If no reimbursement is expected but you want to bill insurance in order to meet your deductible, I can give you a super bill to submit to your insurance on your own. As well, if you participate in a Christian health sharing program, I will provide a super bill for you to submit to your insurance company.

If you are curious about whether any of my fee will be reimbursable by your insurance company, you can all them and ask the following questions if you aren’t ready to commit to doing a Verification of Benefits:

  • Are midwives covered?
  • Are CPMs covered? If yes, at the in-network or out-of-network rate?
  • Is home birth covered? If not, are office visits covered?
  • What is my deductible (either in-network or out-of-network as applicable)?
  • What is my co-insurance obligation (usually 90/10, 80/20, 70/30, etc.)?

I am not contracted by Medicaid or CHP+ at this time. (Medicaid/CHP+ contracts for Registered Midwives in Colorado is an important issue. If you would like to be active in changing this state law, please consider contacting your state representative and senator and telling them that you believe direct entry midwives should be covered provider types in Colorado.)

Lactation Consultation

As an IBCLC, I offer in-depth, skilled lactation consultation. These visits can be in your home or my office. They generally take 1.5-2 hours and include a thorough history and assessment. Follow up visits are shorter, usually about an hour, and are meant to touch base and fine tune the breastfeeding plan as needed.

Home LC Visit: $200
Office LC Visit: $150
Follow up LC Visit: $100

Note: lactation services are now covered expenses through the Affordable Care Act. I will provide a super bill upon request, which you submit on your own to your insurance company.

Monitrice Services

Home birth is not the right choice for every family. As my schedule allows, I provide monitrice services for those planning hospital births.

Like a doula, a monitrice provides labor support to the mother. A monitrice, though, has additional training to perform limited clinical assessments. This is a good option for the woman who wants to labor at home as long as possible. As your monitrice, I will labor with you at home (monitoring your and the baby’s well-being), and we will move to the hospital at the appropriate time, where I will remain in a doula role. As well, you will receive two prenatal and two postpartum visits as part of my monitrice services services.

Monitrice fee: $2500

For more information about the differences between doulas and monitrices, see my article here.