My Student

My name is Kate, and I grew up in a small town in North Texas, where novels and the experiences of family friends sparked my first interest in midwifery. Throughout high school I dreamed of and told my teachers and peers that I was going to be a midwife, though at the time I didn’t know how to become one!

After completing a BA in Intercultural Studies in 2012, this passion blossomed into a true pursuit of knowledge in women’s care. In 2013, I completed doula training with Mother Me Doulas in Dallas, TX, and began serving women and their families through the childbearing process. My husband and I moved to Denver, CO in 2015, where I participated in further doula training.

In 2016, I began clinical training with Gina Gerboth. I am now in my second year of year of midwifery school at the Midwives College of Utah. As of May 2018, I have attended 8 births as a doula and 10 births with Gina as her student.

Outside of birth work, I enjoy spending time with my hubby, Isaac, and our Boston, Millie, in the gorgeous Colorado outdoors. I also love drawing, painting, illustration, design, and all manner of creative things! ​

I’m excited to be learning alongside Gina, and hope to be a part of your journey of pregnancy and birth.


Students enhance client care by providing enthusiasm and a fresh perspective. They help keep my skills sharp and help my practice run smoothly. While the choice of who will attend your birth is, naturally, yours to make, I am certain you’ll love working with Kate as much as I do by the time we are planning for the big day.